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Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Thanks to Tango, to a job specifically in Athens, which will remain etched in our hearts forever, we met Virginia. She is a huge teacher and dancer with a lot of knowledge, study and commitment to the students and to her profession! And not the least, an excellent person. Those people who when they cross your life, come to stay, everything she does she does with love and responsibility and the results are visible. We love you very much Vir!”

– Fabián Peralta & Josefina Bermúdez Avila

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“Virginia Vasconi is a very classy Tango Artist and Dancer. She has that exquisite combination of good lines, a careful visual aesthetic and above all Tango is impregnated in her dance that can be seen in her development of different styles. Not only is she a great Artist, she is also an outstanding Tango Teacher who has elaborated and polished her own technique, which she has turned into teaching her combining it with elements of Yoga.”

– Pancho Martinez Pey


“I’ve got to know Virginia as a partner of legendary maestro Julio Balmaceda. First known as an exceptional dancer- elegant, exquisite and beautiful, in course of time I knew Virginia as thoughtful teacher with structured analytical approach to her students, ready to analyze and offer individual treat to each particular student. Her deep knowledge of body mechanics, extensive experience in various body practices such as yoga makes her classes valuable, interesting and productive. Broader viewpoint to basis of dance, profound understanding of psychology and feeling of tango make her classes extremely effective and useful. And no need to say that friendly atmosphere, confidence and support she generously gives her student s are the best qualities a teacher can have. Virginia is always creating merry friendly atmosphere which form her unique world her student always feel. One can be really lucky to meet such charismatic, open and sincere teacher and nice friend. Maestra, I adore you!”

– Olga Dunaeva

olga dunaeva

“I met Virginia through the echo of her artistic career of her in the specialized press and social media. I met her for the first time in 2018 (in a dance couple with Julio Balmaceda) and I were impressed by her teaching capacity of her and her professional attitude of her in the Workshops held for the Tango Catania Community in Sicily. After this experience Virginia was one of the special guest of the CATANIA Tango Festival in August 2019, the Sicily International Tango Festival organized every year, because the talent of this artist is globally recognized and her talent is unique. Indeed Virginia possesses extraordinary ability as tango dancer and I believe that she is one of the top in her field of her. She has a very comfortable approach to teaching and her students de ella love this and also her viewpoint of a modern Tango with the essence of Tango. This allow to make of her de ella teaching tool de ella to spread her love of Tango in all its expressions de ella looking at the dance not only in its form but also in the way of dancing and feeling the Tango.”

– Angelo Grasso

angelo grasso

“Virginia is always committed and predisposed in every situation. She empathizes perfectly. She is constantly evolving. All this together with her vast experience and her passion for her Tango make Virginia an excellent professional.”

– Lucila Cionci & Joe Corbata

joe corbata y lucila cionci

“I worked with Virginia from her beginnings in tango and for years, I was her teacher and I feel that she took every concept, pedagogical work, technique and heart offered and made them her own, thus offering a precious, interested and generous teacher, with much real knowledge. I had the pleasure of working with Virginia on the stages of Buenos Aires and the world, sharing festivals together, in our DNI Tango school intensively and constantly for years. Your professionalism is your hallmark, and your generosity your business card. Anyone who crosses your path will take unique tools. I trust and recommend your work. Dana Frigoli Teacher, creator, dancer.”

– Dana Frigoli